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Here’s Why Theatres Are Still The Best Medium To Enjoy Movies!


A lot is being written about streaming services, and now people can now enjoy global cinema on their laptops and mobiles. Can these streaming and OTT platforms really replace the pleasure of going to the theatre? Absolutely no! The charisma and experience of the big screen remains unparalleled and as special as it was a decade back. Today, there is no more fun that going to a multiplex with the family, and many malls in the US, such as the Richmond movies, have redefined the movie-going experience by offering incredible mix of entertainment factors.

Because the big screen is priceless

No matter whether you want to watch the Oscar-winning Parasite that recently released internationally, or are excited about the upcoming Marvel movies, the big screen is the best way to experience the visuals. Today, theatres have large screen, and some of the IMAX screens are designed to take visuals and 3D effects to the next level. Even if you have a 3D TV at home, you cannot replicate the experience by any means.

Because it’s eventually an outing

Going to the movie theatre is not just about the movie alone. It has a lot to do with the entertainment surrounding it. Some theatres and multiplexes offer gaming areas, food courts, and other options, so you can turn the experience into a real outing with the family. Let’s agree that we all need to spend more time with the people with like, and a theatre is a nice excuse to stay away from the rigmarole of life.

Because you can have pre-show fun

Depending on the theatre you are choosing, you can enjoy pre-show fun and quiz shows at many multiplexes. Some even have special counters, where you can buy merchandise, especially when a superhero or special franchise is around the corner. For the kids and adults, this is a good way to keep themselves busy before the show starts.

Because popcorn is BAE

In millennial lingo, BAE is Before Anything Else. Popcorn sales at theatres have never really dropped beyond a point, and for many quintessential movie goers, there is nothing like watching their favorite celebs on the big screen with a bucket or tub of popcorn and nachos.

You can buy tickets for your preferred shows online for most popular multiplexes and theatres. Book your show, grab the popcorn and enjoy everything on the grand scale – There is no replacement for that!